Rainforests are our source of life

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Help us protect and reforest Borneo's rainforests!

Slashing and burning for palm oil plantations, illegal logging of rare tropical woods and global warming are destroying our life-giving rainforests.


Staff of our partner organisation (“Friends of the National Parks Foundation” FNPF ) after the fire was extinguished.

Isam is our long-time and tireless FNPF staff member in Borneo.

We were there !
"The destruction of the rainforest is unbelievable ...
BUT our local partner is achieving wonderful things"

"FNPF as our Indonesian partner is making a huge difference. The staff are working around the clock to protect the life-giving rainforest. We speak with Dr. Gede Bayu, the founder, every week".
Stefan Heissler (Founder of "Protect Borneo's Rainforests")

"If the forest dies, I die."

Founder and Director of our partners in Borneo:

Dr. I Gede Nyoman Bayu Wirayudha

Our partner in Borneo Indonesia

Protect and preserve life in the rainforest

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Trees - Planting target 2021
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Proboscis monkeys


Crested Serpent Eagle

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